Celebrating Top Talent in Tech, At All Positions

Chris Sacca
“This is brilliant. Finally, an awards series that goes beyond founders and executives to recognize the teams behind the scenes that are actually getting stuff done.”

Rise Awards is an awards event celebrating top talent across all positions at tech companies. There will be 15 winners in 15 categories each, as chosen by the crowd, judges, and us. There will also be company awards for companies with the most nominees.

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Individual Awards
  • Winners receive access to exclusive events with other specific category winners, judges and partners.
  • People who give and/or receive five nominations will be invited to meetups in their city. Currently, Rise Meetups are planned in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and 10 other cities around the world.

if you’d like to host a Rise Meetup in your city

Company Awards
  • Companies with the most employee nominations per category are eligible for the Company Rise Awards (e.g. “Best Engineering Talent”, “Best Design Talent”) and gain access to meet specific category winners and judges.
  • They will also be featured on our "Top Companies To Work For" content series.

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Hear from our Judges
Gary Vaynerchuk
“The best talent hustles every day without thinking about whether they're getting recognized for the work they do. I love that The Rise Awards celebrates those people.”
Arielle Zuckerberg
“I like it. It's like Forbes 30 under 30, but for top talent at specific positions that you don’t hear about every day... I'm excited to meet the winners.”
Back-End Engineering
Business Development
Data Science
Front-End Engineering
Human Resources
Mobile Engineering
Product Management
Public Relations


Chris Sacca
Proprietor, Lowercase
Tracy Chou
Former Engineer, Pinterest
Arielle Zuckerberg
Partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers
Gary Vaynerchuk
Founder, VaynerMedia
Patrick Collison
Founder, Stripe
Stacy Brown-Philpot
CEO, TaskRabbit
Erin Teague
Director of Product, Yahoo
Adam D'Angelo
Founder, Quora
Mark Suster
Partner, Upfront Ventures
Danielle Morrill
Founder, Mattermark
Ligaya Tichy
Former Global Head of Community, Airbnb
Alexis Ohanian
Founder, Reddit
Dustin Moskovitz
Founder, Asana
Brit Morin
Founder, Brit + Co
Sara Haider
Early engineer, Twitter
Michael Seibel
Partner, YC
Bret Taylor
CEO, Quip
Sarah Tavel
Partner, Greylock
Katie Stanton
CMO, Color Genomics
Ruchi Sanghvi
Early engineer, Facebook
Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
John Lilly
Partner, Greylock
Ellen Pao
Founding Team, Project Include
Chloe Sladden
Founding Partner, #Angels
Keith Rabois
Partner, Khosla Ventures
Scott Belsky
Partner, Benchmark
Helena Price
Creator, Techies Project
Sara Mauskopf
Founder, Winnie
Justin Kan
Partner, YC
Jason Calacanis
Founder, LAUNCH
Leah Culver
Engineer, Dropbox
Frederique Dame
Product, Uber
Balaji Srinivasan
Founder, 21
Hunter Walk
Partner, Homebrew
Steph Bain
First Designer, Airbnb
John Shahidi
Founder, Shots
Halle Tecco
Founder, Rock Health
BJ Novak
Founder, li.st
Erica Baker
Engineer, Slack
Josh Elman
Partner, Greylock
Bethanye Blount
Founding Team, Project Include
Aparna Chennapragada
Product, Google
Aaron Batalion
Former CTO, Living Social
Greg Brockman
Founder, Open AI
Jack Chou
Product, Pinterest
Bea Arthur
Founder, In Your Corner
Jeff Atwood
Founder, Stack Overflow
Veronica Belmont
Product, Growbot
Kanyi Maqubela
Partner, Collaborative Fund
Bobby Goodlatte
Founder, Openvote
Shivani Siroya
Founder, Tala
Susan Wu
Former CMO, Apache Software Foundation
Sam Hodges
Founder, Funding Circle
Laura Gomez
Founder, Atipica
Garry Tan
Partner, Initialized Capital
Naveen Selvadurai
Partner, Expa
Elizabeth Iorns
Founder, Science Exchange
Kat Manalac
Partner, YC
Aston Motes
First Engineer, Dropbox
Raylene Yung
VPE, Stripe
Ram Ravichandran
Early Data Scientist, Twitter
Aline Lerner
Founder, Interviewing.io
Adora Cheung
Partner, YC
Enrique Allen
Founder, Designer Fund
Jonathan Swanson
Founder, Thumbtack
Wael Ghonim
Product, Quora
Mina Radhakrishnan
Former Head of Product, Uber
Makinde Adeagbo
Founder, /dev/color
Sara Chipps
Founder, Jewelbots
Charles Hudson
Managing Partner, Precursor Ventures
Shivon Zilis
Partner, Bloomberg Beta
Emmett Shear
CEO, Twitch
Maia Bittner
Cofounder, Rocksbox
Arjun Sethi
Partner, Social Capital
Camille Hearst
Founder, Kit
Ilya Sukhar
Founder, Parse
Peter Skomoroch
Former Data Scientist, LinkedIn
Hiten Shah
Founder, KISSmetrics
Dave Morin
Partner, Slow Ventures
Ken Norton
Partner, GV
Andreas Klinger
CTO, Product Hunt
Josh Constine
Editor, TechCrunch
Kristy Tillman
Design Director, Society of Grownups
Megan Quinn
General Partner, Spark Capital
Judges from the following companies


Who can win?

The Rise Awards were built to celebrate the most talented people—from engineers and designers, to marketers and product managers. We’re looking for the best of the best across roles and at every level.

Who is one of the most talented people you’ve worked with? Nominate them today!

Who should I nominate?

We encourage you to nominate anyone you think is dope and does dope work. If they are nominated more than five times (even if they don’t fall in one of the 15 Rise Awards categories), they will still be granted Rise Awards VIP access. Most importantly, they’ll receive a note about your nomination—which you can choose to be sent by you or anonymously.

Can I nominate someone who doesn’t fit into any of the awards categories?

There are 15 initial Rise Awards categories. You can certainly nominate someone who doesn’t fall squarely in one of our categories, and we’ll consider those nominations. The nomination process will last two months.

If I don't win, can I still attend Rise events?

You can, indeed. To join us for one of the Rise meetup events, all you have to do is become a Rise Awards VIP, which happens in one of two (or both!) ways: nominate five or more people, or be nominated by five or more people.

Who made this and why?

Erik Torenberg, Melissa Joy Kong, Ben Vishny, Raj Vir, Naitik Mehta, Laz Alberto, and Alvin Hsia.

Learn more about why here:

How do company awards work and how can my company win?

Think of the Company Rise Awards as the Michelin rating of the tech world. Our aim is to recognize the best companies to work for based on the incredible talent they employ. There are a number of things that make a company great, but talent—and the way it’s fostered in a work environment—is at the top of the list.

Company Rise Awards winners will be selected based on the number of nominations on a given team divided by team size.

if you have any more questions.

Nominate someone you think is amazing

Who would you like to nominate?